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IT Analyst

Naucalpan de Juárez Area, Mexico



  • Summary

    Alee M. Romero currently works at CompuCom Alee M. studied at Instituto de Mercadotecnia y Publicidad and Alee M. is located at Naucalpan de Juárez Area, Mexico.


    Analista de sistema at CompuCom

    Past Companies

    Radiorama Chilpancingo, Marketing Advertising Promotion


    Licenciada en Publicidad, Publicidad@Instituto de Mercadotecnia y Publicidad

  • Industry Overview



    The telecommunications sector comprises companies that make communication possible on a global scale, whether it is through the phone or the Internet. These companies created the infrastructure that allows data to be sent anywhere in the world. The largest companies in the sector are wireless operators, satellite companies, cable companies and Internet service providers.The Telecommunications Services economic sector consists of companies engaged in fixed-line and wireless telecommunication networks for voice, data and high-density data.

    Top Companies

    Verizon Communications Inc., AT&T Inc., Vodafone Group plc, Softbank Group Corp., Telefonica S.A.

  • Location Overview
    Naucalpan de Juárez, Estado de México, Mexico

    The State of Mexico is one of the 32 federal entities of Mexico. It is the most populous, as well as the most densely populated state. It is divided into 125 municipalities and its capital city is Toluca de Lerdo. The fast-growing state contains about fourteen percent of the country’s population and is one of the most densely populated with 740 people per square km. The most important sector of the economy is industry and manufacturing, with over 10% of the state’s land urbanized.The State of Mexico ranks second in the country for industrial output. The most important industries include chemicals, food products, textiles, paper products, metalworks and the construction and maintenance of transport vehicles. Most of the state’s land is devoted to agriculture. The main crop is corn, with peas, barley, beans, potatoes, alfalfa, wheat, avocados and guava also grown. Livestock is raised on about 17% of the state’s farmland with cattle being the most important animal. Almost all of the forest lands in the state are used for producing forestry products such as wood and paper. Outside of the metropolitan areas, tourism is an important element in the state economy, with attractions such as Valle de Bravo, Teotihuacan, Ixtapan de la Sal and others. Main archeological sites include Teotihuacan, Malinalco, Teotenango and Calixtlahuaca. Main airports are Toluca International Airport, Santa Lucía Air Force Base Num 1 and New International Airport for Mexico City.

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