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Vestigingsmanager bij Lector Studiebegeleiding

The Hague Area, Netherlands



  • Summary

    Anouck Zaadstra currently works at Lector Studiebegeleiding Anouck studied at Universiteit Utrecht and Anouck is located at The Hague Area, Netherlands.


    Vestigingsmanager at Lector Studiebegeleiding

    Past Companies

    Lector Studiebegeleiding, PGB Zorg, Stichting Mooi, Zelfstandig


    Master of Science (MSc), Maatschappelijke Opvoedingsvraagstukken. Specialisatie: Internationale Pedagogische Vraagstukken@Universiteit Utrecht

  • Industry Overview

    Individual & Family Services


    Individual & Family Services is a government and/or non-profit organisation designed to better the well being of individuals who come from unfortunate situations, environmental or biological. People who seek or are sought after to participate in these homes have no other resource to turn to. Children might come from abusive or neglectful homes, or live in very poor and dangerous communities. There are also agencies that cater to people who have biological deficiencies. Families that are trying to live in stable lives come to non-profit organisations for hope of a better future. Individual and family services cater to many different types of people who are all in different situations. These services might be mandated through the courts via a governmental child protection agency or they might be voluntary.Child and family services may be mandated if there is domestic violence, abuse or neglect and constant negativity amongst family members.

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  • Location Overview
    Den Haag, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands, 2521 EN

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